Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Nine Sales and Customer Care Facts

  1. If your customers are not listening it is not their fault! It is your fault… you are not communicating in a way that they can hear your message.

  2. Your sales presentations/offers and so forth are probably all wrong. Read on...

  3. People have problems/hurts/needs that they want sorted out. You need to know what they are. Ask questions, shut up and listen to the answers.

  4. Customers are only interested in how you can help them relieve the pain or get more pleasure.

  5. People will buy from you if you are able to cut to the chase. Tell them what they will get… Don’t bore them. Be precise.

  6. People don’t buy from you for what you do but for what your product or service will do for them (probably after you are gone). How will they be better off after you have gone?

  7. Customers want you to make it absolutely clear what they will get by buying from you. Tell them how you will make things better for them.

  8. Customers love it when you make it clear that you can deliver. So tell them: “We can do that” and give them some brief proofs or examples.

  9. Customers love it when you shut up.
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