Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Putting up prices

Paul Clegg's blog quotes the More Profit workshops...

"Did you know that a 10% price reduction needs to generate 50% more business to remain as profitable as you were before you dropped your price.

That is why, when faced with a volatile economy, most businesses will work harder and longer and end up ‘standing still’ at best. Robert Craven from the
Directors' Centre shared that gem with me."

He goes on, "A master communicator and a highly practical ‘hands on’ marketing man, Robert conducted research amongst 2000 business owners to discover the 3 most effective ways to develop more sales. Master these, let your competitors reduce their prices and you will grow your profits and your customer base.

A clue: most business people waste their money on marketing that simply does not work. Do you want to do what most people do or find out what really works and why?

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