Thursday, 18 September 2008

A Lovely Product Design...

It is not often that I see a design idea and go "oh yes, very cute... very, very neat" but I saw one at last week's Green Business Leaders event put on by Barclays...

It was one of those products that once you had seen it you wondered why someone hadn't seen the idea years ago...

The whole event was fascinating as we saw some stunning 'green' businesses showcased. And the one that got me excited was from Moixa Energy in London.

On their website the state:

"Our vision is to invent technologies that provide consumers with better solutions for their mobile or home power requirements that are more usable, economic and environmental..."

What does that mean in reality?
Their USBcell is stunningly simple and obvious - a re-usable/re-chargeable battery that charges via your USB port. Every has one (a USB port) and everyone wants to use rechargeable batteries but can't stand the faff of finding their rechargers all the time... And now you can recharge almost anywhere... Watch this company!!! Quite rightly they won an award

USBcell - the stunningly cute product
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Moixa Energy
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Graham said...

Customer Experience Crossroads: The virtues of simplicity, clarity, obviousness and elegance - familiar...?