Monday, 7 July 2008

Radio Shows - Bill Moore and John Farrell

Bill Moore runs an online radio station entitled "A Smiling World" - the strapline on his business card says "Check out my radio show on wealth and happiness".

He mentions, and reads out of, the Bright Marketing book on the last two shows (#'s 13 and #14) now on the archive of I met Bill at a Barclays 'Let's Talk... event'.

The whole radio station idea is great. Check out Glastonbury Radio which clearly focuses on things alternative and gets a massive following - Kiki and I were on John Farrell's 21 grams show last month.

Should you have your own radio station?

Bill Moore - personal website
"A Smiling World" - Bill's radio station
Glastonbury Radio - link
Robert & Kiki on radio Glastonbury - click on the '21 grams show' link and then on 'Going green in your business' - radio interviews
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