Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Airline Food

Just travelled economy class (airline not relevant) to Jo/burg with knees up under my chin and elbows digging into my neighbour. Sounds like I am getting too old. But… my point…

Economy Airline food!
- Question: “Do the air stewards and flight deck crew eat it?”
- Answer: “No way – they have more sense.”

- So, the next question is: “How come it is good enough to give to the people in ‘cattle class’?”.
- And the answer is: “Because the airline simply doesn’t care about these customers.”

Am I just a victim of my own ‘ology’ (sort customers between platinum/gold/silver/bronze offerings, sack pondlife customers buying on price, focus on giving premium service to premium paying customers)? I think I am and it’s not very nice.

Bright Marketing – see the chapters on the 80:20 Rule
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