Thursday, 5 June 2008

'Let's Talk... Green Business' in Wellington

77 enthusiastic business owners crammed into the Cleve Hotel in Wellington (near Taunton) to hear Kiki Maurey run a Let's Talk... Green Business event. As well as Kiki, we had excellent speakers including gentlemen from Barclays, Envirowise, Envision, a local green marketing agency.... All very good, all pushing and challenging the audience to think about how 'going green' can improve their business.

With 77 very different businesses in the room Kiki was able to help people address the barriers to going green (as well getting to identify the 'enablers'). This was a truly facilitated session with the audience having to figure out their own answers for their own businesses and of course they were able to seek the expert advice available in the room.

- 66% of respondents to survey claim to be green activists but only half can name a green brand...
- Only 20% of audience members who have flown by Easyjet paid the small optional carbon offset levy and even then they didn't really know what it was for!

So there are plenty of confused 'green' customers out there. But... just because going green is difficult to do and get right doesn't mean you shouldn't try to do it! This event got the audience well on the way to becoming greener and understanding why and how they can do it.

Let's Talk... Green/Profit/Marketing/Exit events with Barclays and The Directors' Centre
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