Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Entrepreneurial Qualities

I have just been asked to write an article on what makes successful entrepreneurs.

I had to refer them to Geoffrey A Timmons’ excellent study of nine key entrepreneurial qualities that apply to successful business people:
1. A high level of drive and energy.

2. Enough self-confidence to take carefully calculated, moderate risks.

3. A clear idea of money as a way of keeping score and as a means of generating more money.

4. The ability to get other people to work with you and for you productively.

5. High but realistic, achievable goals.

6. Belief that you can control your own destiny.

7. Readiness to learn from your own mistakes and failures.

8. A long-term vision of the future of your business.

9. Intense competitive urge, with self-imposed standards.

And, of course, TAKE MASSIVE ACTION!
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