Thursday, 13 March 2008

"And the winner is..."

And the winner is…

Sunday morning I had breakfast with a gentleman who has just sold his business – when visiting his offices I was always hit by the sheer volume of ‘gongs on the wall’ – they had won everything and his DJ must have been worn out…

Tuesday night we ran a special private dinner for a selection of past/present/future clients and some ‘movers and shakers’ – a lovely, lively meal. Several of our guests had walls full of gongs to celebrate them as Best Company to Work For, Best Privately-Owned Company, Fastest Growing… Most Exciting... etc..

An entire industry seems to be set up to sponsor and run these events… so are they worth it for the entrants? Do great companies win the awards OR does winning an award make you a great company? The old ‘cause and effect’ routine!

Well, I spent last night in my DJ at the Fast Growth Business Awards along with other distinguished people including Peter Jones from Dragons' Den. As part of the judging panel, I was privileged to give the prize for the FD of the Year.

Last year’s winner, Maxi-Muscle, gave away an earlier prize and gave an impromptu thanks – he was absolutely clear that winning last year’s prize had been a huge morale boost for everyone involved with the business PLUS recognition PLUS tons of PR PLUS lots of people wanting to talk to them and work for them and buy more from them. So, yes, it must work… a wonderful ‘benevolent cycle’.

PS See the video of the
Fast Growth Business Awards - see me in my tux - but why didn't anyone tell me about the bow tie being crooked...?!

Fast Growth Business Awards - you can see the 90 second video here
Winner Interviews here
1. T-Mobile Company of the Year
Insure and Go >
2. International Business of the Year
Picsel Technologies Ltd >
3. PLUS New Business of the Year
AH Medical Properties plc >
4. Innovative Business of the Year
The Best Of >
5. Best Use of Technology
Interactive Prospect Targeting Ltd >
6. Service Business of the Year
Ten Lifestyle Management >
7. Product Business of the Year
Kell Systems Ltd >
8. Retail/Leisure Business of the Year Lovefilm International >
9. Online Business of the Year
Insure and Go >
10. Angel or VC-backed Business of the Year
Lowell Group >
11. AIM New Business of the Year
Monitise plc >
12. Female Entrepreneur of the Year
Reading Room >
13. Financial Director of the Year
Jennifer Raines, Global Personals (trading as >
14. Green Business of the Year
Alara Wholefoods >
15. One to Watch >

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