Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Robert Craven in Gaborone, Botswana

Today, the Gaborone President Hotel hosted my Management Express event, Bright Marketing.

We spent a wonderful day exploring how and why the Bright Marketing ‘ology’ can help an audience of Botswana’s entrepreneurs and business managers to run better organisations.

The key points for the audience included:
- Why should people bother to buy from you?
- What makes you different from the rest? How to introduce your business – the elevator pitch
- Focus on what works… and this is normally word-of-mouth

Warm, friendly, hospitable people - I think I learnt more about them than they did about or from me!!!

PS The President is where Mma Ramotswe of The Number One Ladies Detective Agency was accused of leaving without paying the bill – wonderfully enough no-one has yet mentioned Mma Ramotswe to me although I have read about several tourist tours that do visit the sites mentioned in the book!

Clever marketing… or spotting an opportunity? It is pretty much the same as setting up the Jane Austen Centre in Bath which seems fine… although the Inspector Morse theme seems to have taken over Oxford!
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