Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Referral Institute Conference, Bristol

Just attended the annual conference of the Referral Institute in Bristol – an interesting combination if speakers from the UK and US. I did a keynote on 'why should people bother to buy from you?'

Worthy of mention were the American speakers:
Hazel Walker the ‘queen of networking', Dawn Lyons and Mike Macedonio co-author of ‘Truth or Delusion’ with Ivan Misner.

From the UK it was great to hear/see/meet
Warren Cass from Business-Scene… and it was also great to meet up again with Dave Clark from NRG. Plus countless others… Marcus Cauchi and of course plenty of people there who have seen their membership of ecademy, BNI, BRX and so on actually work for them big-time.

I will take away some excellent, thought-provoking, points…

  • third-party testimonials are so much more powerful than us selling ourselves

  • three steps of networking: visibility then credibility then profitability

  • how many people are actively networking on your behalf and making referrals to you right now? How can you get more business this way?

  • find out how you can promote/network on someone else’s behalf – what do you need to know to make a compelling introduction/recommendation?

I met a great bunch of people who all know the ins and out of how referrals and networking and can help you to grow you business… I suggest you see them/speak to them if you can…

So a special thanks to
Sarah Owen and the Referral Institute team for arranging the day.

Referral Institute, Sarah Owen, Hazel Walker, Dawn Lyons, Mike Macedonio, Ian Misner, Warren Cass, Dave Clark, Marcus Cauchi

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