Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Trading in Zimbabwe

Yesterday I ran another seminar, back at Gaborone’s President Hotel, one based on my book ‘Kick-Start Your Business’.

Over 60 attended included the daughter of the President of Botswana.

It has been a while since I have presented the complete Kick-Start ‘ology’ and it was great to see how well it translated to a developing economy. The big one liners, as ever, did apply:
- How good is your business?
- Why should people bother to buy from you?
- Successful businesses are obsessed with three things…
- Fear holds back most people from growing their businesses…

What was the most fascinating part of the evening was a highly interactive Q&A session. Discussions ranged from ‘what to do if you run a business in Zimbabwe?’ through to how to keep corruption and bribery out of business. These are ’big’ questions!

Once again, I thank all my friends in Gaborone, especially Claire, Kuhkie and Zaa.

‘Kick-Start Your Business’
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