Thursday, 29 November 2007

Which Books Would You Recommend?

At the Let’s Talk… More Profit event we ran yesterday in Woking I was asked to “recommend some business books worth reading, something that moves on from the Old Michael Gerber I have just re-read”.

Here’s the first five that came to my head – they won’t suit everyone but I do find myself suggesting certain people read them (you know who you are!):
Tim Ferris – The 4-hour workweek
Felix Dennis – How To Get Rich
Bo Burlingham – Small Giants
Andy Bounds – The Jelly Effect
The Long Tail - Chris Anderson

There are loads of others but these are the ones I seem to be recommending at the moment… (and of course my own!)

Bright Marketing Seminar in Bath – review of 4-hour Workweek
How To Get Rich - Felix Dennis – a crisp quote
Small Giants - companies that choose to be great rather than big….
The Jelly Effect by Andy Bounds
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