Friday, 16 November 2007

Fun in Basildon

I got back from a great Bright Marketing seminar with Barclays in Basildon to find not one, but two, blogs talking about the event. (Good old Google Alerts!).

Emma Duggan was a feisty photographer who 'asked for my business' in the coffee break - and my next slot was going to be on just that subject... "The guest speaker was the truly inspirational Robert Craven of the Directors Centre and I am now feeling completely psyched up about making my business work." Thanks for your flattering words. Robert Craven - 'The Entrepreneurship Guru'

Steve Hearn has put me on a tin (of beans I think!) in his blog entitled New idea, new product!... "I have created a new and unique way to give a gift or novelty item to people!" This isn't the first time that Steve has captured me although his caricatures are normally a little more flattering (more like Ringo meets George Harrison rather than looking slightly drug-crazed!).

Steve Hearn - his blog
Emma Duggan - her blog

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Robert Craven said...

That charicature that is still in my office - neat mktng tool from Steve Hearn @draw4u