Thursday, 30 August 2007

The Jelly Effect by Andy Bounds

I have found the perfect partner for my book 'Bright Marketing' - the strapline/subtitle to my book is 'Why should people bother to buy from you?'... and Andy Bounds answers this question elegantly in his new book The Jelly Effect... And I quote

“Every single product is bought because of what is left AFTER they’ve bought the product... Do not leave them to draw their own conclusion about the AFTERs."

(He goes on to talk about networking, how to sell more, referrals and making presentations)

So, what are your AFTERS?
- What is left after they have bought your product?
- What do they buy your product for - what DESIRED AFTERS do they want?
- What are your selling points?

'The Jelly Effect' is brilliant - read it... I have already lost my copy to one of my team!

Bright Marketing - the book
The Jelly Effect - the book
Andy Bounds - the website

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