Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Workplace ‘dreamers’ of today make tomorrow’s entrepreneurs

Research reveals untapped potential of today’s workforce...

"Workers caught staring into space at their desk or ‘away with the fairies’ during business meetings are a mass of untapped, entrepreneurial talent, according to research from Barclays Local Business... nearly half of today’s UK business bosses (44 per cent) admit to having plotted their entrepreneurial future whilst daydreaming in the work place of a previous employer...

"... just six per cent were prepared to think about being their own boss in between pints down the pub...

"The survey also uncovers the concerns keeping aspiring entrepreneurs awake at night; just under 40 per cent admit to feeling nervous about giving up the financial stability of a full time job, while nearly one in five (19 per cent) worry about getting into debt."
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I spent a very pleasurable Friday morning with John Davis, Marketing Director of Barclays Local Business being interviewed by 15 or so local radio stations on the implications of this research and how entrepreneurs can join the Let's Talk More Profit and Let's Talk Bright Marketing workshops. Drop me a line if you hear one of the interviews...

Workplace dreamers - Barclays Press Centre
A Big Swinging Success In The Business Jungle - What does an entrepreneur need to transform a smart idea into a profitable venture? Wendy Sloane (Sunday Times, 28 Jan 2007).
Let's Talk Profit Formulas - The one question that start-ups and new business-owners should be asking is ‘how do I get more profit?’. Robert Craven (Start Your Business Mag, Sept/Oct, 2006).

Our friend (and former client) Simon Topham of Millivres Publishing won the Businessperson of the Year Award at the GALA Awards at Claridges on Friday - it was a busy day!
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