Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Porsche dealer admits 'not too good at maths' after buy one get one free deal

- kindly sent to me by Debra Spurway of HR Dept

Glen Fergusson, sales and marketing manager for a new Californian Porsche dealer, has lost his job and faces possible legal proceedings as the company strives to reclaim the costs of the 18 Porsches given away free under Glen's opening day "buy one get one free promotion".

Glen said: "I have never really been too good at Math and I was sure the whole time we were making money - I was initially blown away by the amount of cars we were selling in that first hour. I had seen the "buy one get one free card" work extremely well for the new coffee shop down the road and thought what a great idea I will try it here."

Anyone who has been to one of the Let's Talk... More Profit seminars will know about the financial implications of a BOGOF (Buy One Get One Free) offer - how, when and why to run such an offer!

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