Friday, 24 August 2007

What's Holding You Back?

I just received this feed from Clear Vision, the accountants...

"A new survey has revealed the five most common obstacles to growth experienced by small and medium-sized businesses.

According to the Institute of Directors' latest policy paper, SMEs are most concerned about:

  1. late payment,

  2. the lack of business finance,

  3. National Insurance contributions,

  4. business rates, and

  5. government business support.

The IoD said the government needs to address these issues before they become endemic."

A quick response...
What rubbish!! None of the answers mention the owner of the business; they only grumble about the external factors, things that you can't influence (although you can complain about them)!!

You'll see the research was a little 'loaded' ie out of the choice offered, these were the most popular but... What are the real obstacles to growth???

The fact is that what holds us back are our SELF-LIMITING BELIEFS

Our ability to dream is limited by our willingness to allow our imagination its freedom... 'Fear of failure' is drummed into many of us from an early age so that we become nervous to mention our deepest ambitions. 'Fear of success' is another limiter on what you are willing to do.

What's holding you back?
What are you frightened of doing that is stopping you from achieving your ambitions? Most fear is mental rather than actual... Fear of flying or of public speaking can be overcome with determination and willpower.

How badly do you want your goals?

If you aren't prepared to make the necessary sacrifices to achieve your goals, then you don't want them badly enough!

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