Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Some Crunch Marketing Questions

Some initial questions for you:
  1. What is the need that must be satisfied?
  2. What are the products or services that will satisfy demand?
  3. Who/what is the competition?
  4. How are the need and the product best connected?

The fundamental question, then, is to write down your marketing vision. In other words:
Why... which customers... will choose us!

Write down:
  • Your market position now, and in the future.
  • Your customer position now and in the future.
  • the effectiveness of communication; it will improve and help awareness.


  • Is the business/brand distinct? Is it continuing to demonstrate its difference?
  • Is the business/brand proposition meaningful and right for the target audience?
  • How highly do customers think of and feel about the business? What is their perception of its quality and of its 'momentum' – its growth in popularity?
  • How many people know the business/brand and, more important, truly understand what it is about?

Checklist - Marketing meets business strategy
Decide what you want to do with the business:
  • Make it grow?
  • Keep it stable?
  • Decrease its size?

How are you going to be different from the rest?
  • By cost leadership (by being the cheapest with the lowest costs)?
  • By being uniquely different (by finding your niche)?
  • By concentration and focus (on a few key products or services)?

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