Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Business Club Update - #accountants and #worksheets

December 2013
Dear Robert,Accountants Don't Understand Marketing 

One of my pet-hates is professional companies that just don't understand how to do marketing properly.

In my article Accountants Don't Understand Marketing I talk about an article I wrote that made its way into the Daily Telegraph business pages and caused quite a stir.

In this new reflective piece I highlight the comments from a number of accountants who agree with me and celebrate their competitive advantage over accountants who don't take marketing seriously.  

Top Business Club Worksheets Of 2013Top 5 Business Club Worksheets Of 2013 
I recently took a look through the Business Club's website visitor statistics and found that these five worksheets were the most popular with our subscribers.

The worksheets cover pricing, marketing, selling and customer research and are quick actions and exercises you can do to see how your business is performing and to identify areas where you can make quick improvements.


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PS  One-Minute Intro Competition 
Following on from the Killer One-Minute Intro article, we have already received a number of entries for best One-Minute Intro.
If you would like to submit yours and have it published on the Business Club, email it to rc@directorscentre.com.

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