Monday, 16 December 2013

Accountant Christmas Videos

Having received several Christmas Greeting videos from various accountants I thought they should be shared with the world (along with a few others I have found).  I know which is the best (and the worst) but what do you think? 

Is it time for a competition?

Some are simply dreadful (according to certain members of the team here). And some are great. Can you figure out which is which?

There is a serious point. 

  • What is the message behind these videos??? 
  • What do they tell us about the sort of practice that decides to make them and send them out? 
  • What message did they think they were sending out? 
  • Who is the audience? 
  • What message do they receive?

They can all be seen at Accountants Christmas Videos (a youtube playlist) or see the individual links below...

"Cassons Heroes"

"Merry Christmas from Adrians Chartered Accountants"
This won't load up to this blog post but you can see it here via YouTube

"Accountant's 12 Day of Christmas"

"AVN Christmas Message 2013!"

This won't load up to this blog post but it can be seen here 

"Merry Christmas From The Griffith CPA Firm 662-470-4132"

"Christmas Message from Anderson Accountancy Accountant"

"MAS Accountants animation" is quite fun (but won't load up to this blog post)

"London Chartered Accountants Arram Berlyn Gardner Charity..."

"Proactive Accounting Christmas Greeting"

"What Do You Get An Accountant For Christmas?"

A late entry from
Withum Bells - Happy Holidays from WithumSmith+Brown

An even later entry (although I had simply misplaced it if the truth be told!)
The GreenStones Team present 12 Days of Christmas

And another even later entry

A Christmas Carol from your Accountants.

Liverpool Accountant - MJF xmas video 2013

And yet another 

Merry Christmas from Insight!

That's all folks - - happy to be sent more that I will add to this list... just post the links to
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