Saturday, 1 June 2013

Seth Godin - a small collection

In the past I have talked a lot about Seth Godin and thought it was time to pull together some links about the man's work. 

Godin always seems to be slightly ahead of the curve with his prolific output. He doesn't always get it right but what he does do is challenge people's assumptions about what is possible. 

Love him or hate him... he always makes you think!

Here is a promo video for the Icarus Deception:

See also: Why is it better to be safe than sorry? (incl video)

Seth Godin on making your small business indispensable:

How to get your ideas to spread:

This Is How You Create A Remarkable Product This post originally appeared at Open Forum.
In the past, brilliant marketing could sell even the most ordinary product or service. But today, competition is so fierce that you actually have to create something remarkable in order to succeed, says marketing guru Seth Godin in his book, Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable....

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