Friday, 28 June 2013

Robert Craven CV etc

I have just been asked for my CV so thought it would be more interesting to create an electronic CV linking some key articles and case studies to explain what I do. So, here goes...

In  a nutshell
"Keynote Speaker, Business Author and Expert Adviser" 
"growth, entrepreneurship, business, strategy,marketing, sales, profits"
"free of nonsense approach to growing businesses"
"stop messing about".
Bragging rights
- #1 Article, Business Zone (2012)... 
- #1 UK Business Speaker at speakermix...
- two books with Forewords by Sir Richard Branson...
- "The Entrepreneurship Guru" (The FT)

Case Studies/Client Stories

and some video: 
Robert Craven Showreel:

Three Tips (4 minutes):

See also a  series of five videos on the Mastermind process in the clients' words

And then I see that LinkedIn does it all so maybe you should just go to my LinkedIn profile here and help yourself!



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