Monday, 7 January 2013

The Act of Attraction in Business by Tamsen Garrie

Tamsen Garrie's The Act of Attraction in Business - how to align your activity for extraordinary business results is a rather clever book.

It is clearly aimed at the independent-minded businessperson, probably someone who has heard of the Law of Attraction (and the associated noise around books like best-seller, The Secret). 

What is clever is that this is a serious book for people who wish to explore how to deliberately create the business that they want to run. Just when you think the book might start to get too fluffy and 'woo-woo',  it supplies some solid theory and a practical yet results-oriented exercises to keep you 'on track'.

It is not a big book but large enough to enable you to work through various exercises to reflect on and craft your vision, mindset, behaviour and plan. Some may feel that they require the support or assistance of a coach or mentor to help them work through the exercises although the instructions and guidelines are clear enough if you prefer the DIY route. As with these types of exercise the devil is in the detail as well as you taking the necessary actions to achieve the required results.

Tamsen's is a personal book, using personal stories and situations. You know that she wrote it herself.

Tamsen writes about deliberately designing and planning your future - there is a clear four-step process (vision, mindset, behaviour, plan). She has taken the same principles in deliberately designing this book, a book that will appeal to anyone looking to get structure and focus into the way they think about and plan their business future.

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