Thursday, 3 January 2013

Can You Arrange 60 meetings In 6 Weeks? - feedback

Hi Robert,

I thought I would give you some feedback about your idea “Can You Arrange 60 meetings In 6 Weeks?”.

My campaign was from 4th July to 17th August (17th August was because I was going on holiday on the 18th)

In the end we had 30 new opportunities for me to explore.

From that I received 3 responses, converted to meetings, converted to business.
I got 6 responses from existing customers, from which I converted 5 bits of completely new business.

But from a chance conversation with a bloke in a pub I met, and yes it does happen, one of those conversions over the next 2 years will result in £3m of new business. That alone doubles the size of my business!!!

Contracts have been signed yesterday to start in January 2013.

The other conversions will amount to in excess of £100,000.00  

Robert, thank you for your inspiration.



1 comment:

Unknown said...

Excellent! I have just started my 60:6 and hope for similar results ;-)