Thursday, 24 January 2013

Social Media To Do List

 Check out Social Media Musings by Robert Craven to see a whole series of articles and postings – and add your comments

The common themes:
  • Define and clarify a Social Media strategy – so you know what success looks like and what your message is
  • Make sure your social media message is consistent with the bigger marketing strategy – so make sure you are on message – why should people buy form you? What makes you different form the rest
  • Other people check you out by looking at your online presence - so make sure it is all up to date and looks good
  • Google searches for people who are active online and gives them preferential ranking – so make sure you play the Google game sign up for G+ and Gplaces
  • Schedule your tweets or emails – so use software that runs a schedule for you
  • Use Social Media to follow potential clients – so get stalking!!!
  • Use different techniques: curate, share, ask for help, top tops/lists
  • It is called social media and the emphasis is on the social – so don’t be too pushy
  • It is all a bit random but your success rate increases exponentially as you know more people – so accept the synchronicity of it all
  • Measure so use tools like Klout to measure your progress
  • Be careful with your time – playing about is not the same as doing work – so be clear about what you are trying to achieve

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