Monday, 5 December 2011

The Happy Manifesto

- The Happy Manifesto - So, to start the review I have to declare that I find most touchey-feeley self-help-type books excruciating to read. I assumed this was just another.

I keep thinking 'show me the numbers' and 'where's the proof?'.

Reading Stewart's book I was like the proverbial dog being dragged on a lead for a walk that they don't want to be part of.

Despite my attempts to challenge and object to Stewart's philosophy I found myself agreeing and supporting his views and I found myself buying into the happy manifesto. So my early prejudices (justified or not) were entirely unfounded.

It is a short book. 120-ish pages.

Its mantra. its ology, its way of looking at the world is deceptively addictive. Like chocolate but for your business brain.

Corporations will find Stewart's arguments almost hypnotic. He gets under your skin.

Not many business books hang around in your thoughts. Not many that you send to your clients. Not many that you want to share.

Of course the book is not perfect but I don't think it intended to be that. What it is... is a springboard, a catalyst, to get you thinking about how you run your business. Not only does he say to you 'Could do better...' but he gives you some very simple starting points....

For me, ideas like pre-authorisation will become part of my business toolkit. Terrific. That one idea is worth its weight in gold.

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Dwatson said...

Have looked at the book/pdf off the business club and it certainly makes an interesting read. As you say, you need to get your head around where he is comng from. But worth a read