Thursday, 31 March 2011

A Micro-Case Study - XYZ Accountants

Here's a mini-Case Study.

I mentioned the concept in conversation earlier in the week in Nottingham so I thought I should share it.

Three firms of accountants had merged, but operated to their own agendas as businesses and individuals. Too many were merely “order takers” which ultimately led to poor client relationships.

A business review showed little clarity of purpose or direction, and no unity of operating systems. Needed to change 1+1+1=3 into 1+1+1=5.

Management and staff seminars created a shared sense of purpose and willingness to co-operate because they would all profit. New system set up by The Directors' Centre and key staff. Training was practical, comprehensive and positively received.

32% increase in services taken by clients transforming profitability. 10% annual growth exceeded.


Directors' Centre Case Studies


StevieP said...

Yes - this makes more sense than the others but you don't explain the 'how' bit.


Georgie said...

Thanks for posting this. I find these figures more realistic and believable than some that I have seen quoted elsewhere.

PaulS said...

Compact. General. Concise. Not unreasonable.

Alastair said...

A compelling little case study. As you say, "mini". But perfectly formed.

Carl said...

Can You Really Change a Partner? - via @cpa_trendlines step 6 accountability critically important