Monday, 14 March 2011

Leaders show how to grow a business/ FT Entrepreneur of the Year

"The UK has been seen as a less entrepreneurial nation than countries such as the US, because it has lacked the high-profile founders who take their businesses to great heights.

"That is no longer so much the case, as several ambitious British entrepreneurs have come through the ranks." says Jonathan Moules, in the FT (Entrepreneur of the Year: Leaders show how to grow a business)

Businesses change as they grow, so the entrepreneur who can take a company from kitchen table start-up to a multinational company is a rare commodity. One that can then run the company as a publicly quoted business is even rarer still.

It is a point noted by Robert Craven, managing director of The Directors’ Centre, which advises owner-managers on how to grow their businesses quickly.

“Very few people are cut out for that kind of leadership,” he says.

The winner was Richard Harpin, Homeserve

Moules then goes on to sight other “founders who have built":

  • Rob Cotton, chief executive of NCC Group, a computer security business,
  • Charles Dunstone
  • Matthew Ingle, chief executive of Howden Joinery Group

"Clearly, not every entrepreneur has the ability to take a company from start-up to something much larger, but these individuals, all shining lights in their sectors, show that it is possible."


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