Friday, 4 February 2011

Waiting To Be Found!

The current business model being 'sold' (usually by the so-called social media experts) seems to be the following three-line mantra:

1)  Create the offering, ideally claiming to be some kind of expert
2)  Do the marketing stuff for a bit including the compulsory something on a Blog, Twitter, FaceBook or LinkedIn or ideally all four. Ideally, give something away for free; a squeeze page might be of use. Maybe use google ads...
3)  Wait to be found.

I am not sure that this is really enough - it is the "wait to be found" bit that worries me most. It makes all sorts of assumptions that:
  1. you are targeting the right people
  2. your message is on form
  3. there is a community waiting for you
  4. you can find the community
  5. you are able to engage their attention
  6. you don't come across as just more shouting/interruption marketing
  7. they are listening today
  8. they have the need today
  9. your offer is presented correctly
  10. there is a need for your product/service
If only it was so simple as three line mantra.

Actually now I think about it, I am not convinced that line two of the mantra,"Do the marketing stuff...", can be quite so formulaic as is claimed.

now I think about it properly, the same can be said for line one, "Create the offering".

Might as well just wait to be found...
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