Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Being disruptive pays. Following the pack does not. At least not for most people. (See Contrarian or Follower.)

Starbucks – was a disruptor as it changed the habits of a generation (as did FaceBook, Google and so on). But what is new today becomes old tomorrow. Today’s revolutionaries are tomorrow’s Old Guard.

A great disruptor doesn’t just do more than interrupt; it can change the face of the landscape. This is particular true of the customer experience.

Starbucks changed how and where we socialise, Amazon... So while we can quote the big disruptors I think that we can all disrupt, especially if on a smaller stage.

You can zig when they zag. Go against the traffic. Challenge the notion of “that’s how we do it around here”.

Depending on your marketplace, think what would happen if you:

  • Charged by ‘results only’
  • Let customers decide what to pay
  • Only work online or by phone
  • Charged per 5 minute slots…

I am sure you get where I am coming from.

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