Friday, 18 June 2010

Entrepreneurial Skills Identified - not another blueprint...?

I was excited to discover that LearnDirect were able to announce that Entrepreneurial Skills Identified but then discovered that it quoted me!!!

Business author Robert Craven identified four key skills potential entrepreneurs need in order to be able to succeed.

They are vision, passion, determination plus good communication and management skills.

He defined vision as being "the ability to … imagine how things could be", while passion is a "sheer belief and conviction in one's ideas and actions", he added.

Determination is the "willingness to persevere, often against the odds, to create something new where there was nothing" he went on to say.

Communication and delegation skills were also cited as being "vital" and "the ability to muster the skills and efforts of other people to help to create and deliver a dream".

Mr Craven suggested to possess these skills is to be "already halfway there".

Small businesses would never be able to undercut the bigger corporations on price so any entrepreneur had to identify their own unique selling point - could they compete on speed, cleverness, innovation, or locality?

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