Monday, 7 June 2010

A Blueprint for Success?

Vague, motherhood and apple pie in a so-called blueprint for success... from Warwick Business School.. How do you follow such a blueprint?

The following six factors were identified:

A flexible and responsive management approach: Flexibility and effective delegation of decisions enables firms to surpass customer expectations and achieve above average growth

Business process efficiency: Making active attempts to evaluate and optimise internal processes allows businesses to reduce costs and improve efficiency

Marketing: Using a variety of marketing methods, such as mailshots and the internet, enables firms to make potential customers aware of products and services more effectively

Human resources planning: Having a plan for staff development and future employment increases a business’ flexibility and responsiveness and aids its growth aspirations

Growth ambition: Having a growth objective or ambition shapes a business’ strategy and its willingness to invest in development

Research and development: A thorough understanding of the markets in which it works, and the best ways of delivering services, enables a business to compete more effectively

Increased uptake of the blueprint among small businesses could generate a further £15bn for the UK economy, the study claimed.

I need to see the report before I can really comment!!!
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