Friday, 9 April 2010

The Power of Non-Competitive Alliances

Sounds naff but there is an incredible power to creating non-competitive alliances or marketing co-operatives or whatever you want to call them.

Benefits for the partners:
  • Combined resources to focus on a market place
    eg share a database
  • Combining strengths
    eg sharing each other’s databases
  • Combined power
    eg having a sister expert in a different field means that you can offer a fuller service to your client
  • Combined events
    eg working together you can run an event for 100 not 20 delegates
  • Exposure to potential clients you might not have found
  • Enhanced Reputation
    eg choose your partners carefully and your reputation will grow by association
  • Enhanced resource
    eg careful use of pro bono/barter arrangements means that your partners can also be your suppliers and vice verse

Benefits for the Clients
An opportunity to deal with a group of like-minded suppliers who are familiar with each others work practices
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