Monday, 19 April 2010

The Planes Have Stopped - Peace At Last

"Peace at Last". The planes are silent and there is an unerring quiet. Spooky. What a relief.

In business we have the constant white noise of communication hitting us via our BlackBerries and IPhones 24/7. Is this so very clever? I don't think so. It scrambles your brain.

With so much information we become insensitive to what really matters or we miss it entirely. We need to find ways of filtering all this information yet making sure we focus on the big stuff. Do not become master of the trivia. Do not become a busy fool. No-one will thank you.

Try a BB-Free Friday - it will liberate your brain the same way you feel better when you lose your phone. The world can survive without you and you can get on and do some uninterrupted work.

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