Wednesday, 27 January 2010

I Don't Believe You... So I Won't Be Buying...

Conferences are great places to go to see how others are approaching your marketplace.

Last month I attended one such jamboree and was shocked at the depths that some people seem to have reached.

If there’s a choice between presenting yourself as honest and trustworthy, or as a slimy second-hand car dealer (my apologies to car dealers), then why on earth would someone go to the trouble of making themselves look so totally dishonest. I just don’t get it.

While some clients get mesmerised by bright shiny things, whatever happened to a good solid deal, delivering ‘what it says it delivers on the tin’. The reason that some salespeople are so totally over the top must be for one of several reasons:

- They are desperate for the sale – ie they don’t care about you, the customer
- They think this is what you want - ie they don’t understand you, the customer

Either way I suggest you walk past these individuals and do not fall for their cheap gimmicks. As my dear grandma would tell shopkeepers and tradesmen on a regular basis, “I don’t believe or trust you… and so I won’t be buying from you”. Scarily it sounds a bit like Deborah Meaden from The Dragons’ Den. If it was good enough for her (my grandmother) then it should be good enough for you.

Winning the sale is all about creating a relationship and developing trust.

Anything you do to damage or abuse that trust will be bad for business. Look at every single thing you do (website, blog, packaging, the way you answer the phone) and ask yourself whether it instills a sense of trust (or distrust!) on the part of your potential customer!

What could you do better? What must you do better?
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