Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Twitter (again) Survey

After the last blog entry on Twitter I received a number of emails from people saying that they'd like to see Robert Craven on Twitter but only to receive occasional updates and links to keep them in touch without having to refer back to the website and/or blog.

In other words it would simply be another, convenient
communications channel for them. As I personally have no intention of tweeting 24/7 this would suit me fine.

The Twitter 'experts' will assure me that it should be a two-way medium. I am honest enough to admit that I do not have the time or patience to read and enter every single conversation that may be required of me. So, five minutes a week is all I will do. Blogs, articles, newsletters will continue as usual.

I could get someone else to do all my twittering on my behalf but that would be dishonest.

SO we are going to do a quick survey. If the survey votes for a Twittering Robert Craven then that is what you will get - a message (to those who want it) about once a week pointing you to what I am doing/writing/presenting. And that's it.

Please fill in the survey. It takes 10 seconds of your time (or more if you wish to leave a comment).

I will let you know the outcome.
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