Thursday, 23 July 2009

Naming and Shaming: Royal Mail

Post has gone missing here so my wife tried to complain to Royal Mail (we were referred on by our postman). We were told to register the complaint by email (ironic that!).

Have a look at the really useful (not) pdf they sent her to look at:

The basics of customer care have been missed at every level (starting with the sexy URL!).

They offer no attempt to listen, understand, empathise or say those magic words “We are sorry”. Typical behaviour from a company that still has the nationalised industry mentality.

Clearly they think they are above doing any of the basics of common courtesy.

We, the complainers, are just the inevitable consequence of not meeting their delivery targets. So it is not their fault. After all they have put a process in place!

The odd thing is that they have a representative that visits our address every day – they call them postmen/women – and in the old days they could have got him/her to sort it out.

And what about your business?

If you EVER make people who complain feel inconsequential or irrelevant then you deserve them to leave you and spend their money with someone else. (Unless of course you run what is in effect a monopoly.)

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