Saturday, 23 May 2009

The News For Pandas

“And here is the news for Pandas. No pandas were involved in an accident this morning…”

The point - this news item is aimed at pandas... only pandas would be interested that no pandas were involved...
AND.. what about your website/blog/marketing activity - if you only talk about the specific interests of pandas/HR consultancy purchasers/web purchasers? In other words, do you only talk to people within the narrow definition of your product
eg HR consultancy buyers only want to know about HR issues... web service buyers only want to know about web services...?

Maybe you are missing a trick... By being so focused on customer needs/wants/hurts we sometimes miss other ways of relating to them. As often quoted, "Why should people buy from you if you are the same as the competition?". Put some personality, some passion, into your communication.

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