Monday, 30 March 2009

The Great Facebook Experiment

Our time is up. One month on I said I would get back to you with the results.

"WHY DID RC LOOK AT FACEBOOK...? There are a few answers but in brief:
1) At least half of my audiences (6-7,000pa) are under 40y old (and I am not) and are v small businesses...
2)We run marketing/delegate acquisition programmes for some of our sponsors and clients and wanted to see if this was another/alternative channel to use... (vs google adwords, Ecademy...)

3) We want to explore/experiment ourselves (my office not just me!) before we disregard it out of hand.

We had several measures of success (delegates to Barclays events... potential speaking bookings... consultancy discussions) but our main objective was to prove FB's value (or not) for ourselves."


It has been great to find a whole bunch of old school friends
It has been great to get to understand how FB works. The volume of activity is very high but not very focused or relevant. Great to have another outlet for the blog.


We have not sent out a single additional invoice as a result of our FB activity. Without a half-decent search facility, people will never find you unless they have been specifically pointed towards you. Question: What does your FB activity (and that of your 'friends') say about you? LinkedIn has been far more useful even if the interface isn't desperately user-friendly.

Question: Is it crucial to the success of our business?
Answer: No
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