Thursday, 2 May 2013

Design Your Own Robert Craven Workshop

We are planning to run some more workshops before the summer gets into full swing and we need your help!

Before we schedule any events we need to know what you, the client/customer wants from us. To that end I am asking for less than 1 minute of your time to complete this quick survey

Why should you fill in this survey?
Because you are feeling:

1. Generous - to help us run better programmes
2. Selfish - to make sure you get what you want
3. Fortunate - to receive a 10% discount on any tickets you buy for these events
4. Lucky - to have your name put in a prize draw to win a copy of one of my books
5. Very lucky - to have your name put in a prize draw to win a ticket to one of the events.

Thanks for all your help (in advance).

If you know anyone who might want to complete the survey, please do forward this email to them.


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