Thursday, 21 March 2013

Do Entrepreneurs need MBAs? Part Three

Continuing on from Do Entrepreneurs need MBAs? Part Two, more articles about the thorny issue of MBAs and entrepreneurship.

It was without doubt the best year of my life – I learned, grew, worked hard, bonded, made great fiends, fell in love. Despite all these things – if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur and have plans of taking over the world, I recommend you forget about doing an MBA.

The Value of an MBA for Entrepreneurs (Walnut Street Studio)
A non-MBA entrepreneur friend recently criticized the MBA, saying that it actually provided negative value to true entrepreneurs.

Why do so few MBAs become entrepreneurs? (
I graduated from the MBA course earlier this year and set up a joint venture with a local successful businessman I met on my MBA journey

Is an MBA still necessary? (

How an MBA in Entrepreneurship Will Benefit You and Your Business (

Who says MBAs aren't entrepreneurs? Seven amazing start-ups to watch in 2013! (MBA entrepreneurs)

Five Reasons (Most) MBAs Fail At Startups (Forbes)

Getting a Head Start on Becoming an MBA Entrepreneur (BusinessWeek)

89 Business Cliches That Will Get Any MBA Promoted And Make Them Totally Useless (Forbes)

Entrepreneurship, innovation must be taught (Vancouver Sun)
As a business school professor, one of the questions I hear most often from industry and government leaders in their effort to bolster economic growth, is: “Can we teach entrepreneurship and innovation?”

Continuing on from Do Entrepreneurs need MBAs? Part Two

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