Friday, 8 March 2013

Do entrepreneurs need MBAs? Part One

A great set of links and articles about entrepreneurship and the MBA (The first in a series of three blogs)

Does an Entrepreneur Need an MBA? (HBR)  
Only you know whether or not you have the heart to execute on the opportunities we all recognize to launch a compelling new business.

5 Must-Read Lessons For MBAs Considering Entrepreneurship (Forbes) concludes:
1. Research vesting carefully.2. Find a mentor.3. Understand the commitment.4. Focus on your product, relentlessly. 5. Pitch everyone. 

Is The MBA Obsolete? (Forbes) asks:
Are declining MBA applications a sign that the MBA is losing relevance in today’s fast-moving economy? A number of recent stories have indicated that demand for the MBA degree is softening. Is an MBA degree still a good investment?

The rise of the MBA entrepreneur (Reuters) 
Mr. Ekeji is part of a rare but growing breed of student: the MBA-entrepreneur who shrugs off anti-MBA snobbery from the entrepreneur community.

MBA in entrepreneurship: how to be an entrepreneur  (Daily Telegraph)
Innovation and entrepreneurship are the hallmarks of today’s MBA courses, thanks to an increasingly diverse cohort of students, writes Niki Chesworth.
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