Monday, 9 January 2012

From Vision To Exit

Guy Rigby's From Vision To Exit arrived on the doorstep... 

The book is pretty ambitious in its goal - a guide to building and selling a business. No mean task. In fact, Rigby succeeds in covering all the key points from vision, strategy, tactics through growth, pace and profits to flexibility and focus and on. If you've got a 'growing/selling the business' question, it will be covered in the book.

The book uses plenty of examples and quotes to support the commentary on each topic. This brings things to life.

As a thorough A-Z, the book cannot be expected to be an expert in every field but it certainly gives you clear, straightforward guidance and is an excellent starting point.

Rigby is from an accounting background and the book is a thorough piece as one would expect. No wish-washy hippy stuff here. Just a factual account of what do to, where to go, how to do it. While this approach may not appeal to new age business people it will appeal to those people who are looking for a grounded real-world viewpoint.

Some people will read this from cover-to-cover; others will use it as a reference book.

The book will be used and kept by anyone in the business advisory world as the book they have in their drawer as the reference point they can use at zero notice. 

It will be read by the aspiring entrepreneur to help them understand the journey ahead.

It is certainly not a bluffer's guide. It is grown up which is refreshing after all the breathless, get-rich-quick, fad-of-the-month, I'm-a-celebrity/guru, PR-driven volumes that have been published more recently. 

Does it achieve its goal, to be a guide to building and selling a business? Yes!

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