Sunday, 21 November 2010

30-Day Growth Challenge - Son of the 30-Day Growth Challenge!

The post New Robert Craven 30-Day Growth Challenge got 48 comments. It clearly hit a nerve.

So, we launched "the challenge".

We had 100% turn-up on the day.

The Challenge was -
"you have 30 days to improve your business (based on a workshop with me). After 30 days we'll ask you what you have achieved. Only at that point will we consider asking for payment. You will pay what you want.

So, great excitement and anticipation. We already have some serious results. But we will wait till Thursday when the 30 days are up. To what extent will the experiment have worked?

Based on results so far we have decided to proceed with not one but two Growth Challenges at the start of the New Year. Book in now.

Spend half-a-day working with me. Wait 30 days and I'll call you up. You tell me what the improvement has been.

You then decide what to pay for the results you have achieved.

The catch? None.

A thought: we live in times when people do not want to just buy "more of the same"... people want stuff that delivers and that they should pay what they, the customer, considers to be a fair price. (Try employing a solicitor!!!) More professional service firms should charge on results and not on selling time.

UPDATE: Robert Craven's 30-Day Growth Challenge.- London & Bristol in April 2011
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