Thursday, 10 September 2009

Corporate Myopia, Really

I am building up a portfolio of corporate myopia stories. The standard story goes as follows:

Robert Craven (RC): “Why do people buy your product?”
Corporate Client (CC): “Because we are the best.”
RC: “Really?”
CC: “Well, we are better than the competition.”
RC: “Really?”
CC: “Um and we are the only people to offer XYZ features”
RC: “And is that why people buy your product?”
CC: “Well we are competitive on price.”
RC: “And is that why people buy from you?”
“Um, it could be our brilliant marketing campaign…?
CC: “OK, why do they buy our product?”

What I find so scary is how fragile the arguments seem to be. And how can you create a marketing campaign or a sales activity or design a better service/product if you aren’t clear on what it is that the customer wants, needs and deserves to get.

So, my friend,
“Why do people buy your product?”

Your answer here: “___________________________________”

PS I ran a brief session for a roomful of marketers last night. Lovely people. Brilliant at their jobs (doing marketing) they struggled to tell each other (succinctly and in a compelling manner) what they actually did for their clients.
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