Wednesday, 8 April 2009

"Can You Do This On Your Own?"

Clients have been sharing their 'self-talk' with us and I am not sure how healthy it is!

Many think that the trick is to work harder and to work longer hours. The self-doubt starts to niggle: "Will you make it? Have you got what it takes? Why don't my people get it? What happens if...?"

The question I would pose is "Can you really do this all on your own?". I suspect you can't.

If you are a small business then you may well kill yourself (not enough time, money, resource) unless you start working smarter (and how do you figure out how to do that?).

And if you employ 20+ staff then 'letting go' is a big part of the trick (as long as you can trust the people you are letting go to - and how do you do that?).

A 'finger in the air' piece of work we recently conducted at seminars confirmed the relationship between the cost/depth of the intervention and the impact on your business. And it makes sense really.

There seems to a continuum where the impact is greater with the deeper/costlier intervention:
- search the Internet - you can find some great stuff - FREE
- read newspapers - you can read some great stuff - ALMOST FREE
- read books - you can read some great stuff - ALMOST FREE
- watch videos - you can see some great stuff - ALMOST FREE
- attend seminars, workshops - you can see some great stuff and maybe get fired up and motivated - SOMETIMES FREE
- consultancy intervention - you can hear some great stuff and get really fired up and motivated and take the action required in your business - NOT FREE AT ALL

Of course there are caveats written all across the words above; some books/papers/seminars/consultancies are truly dreadful and some are simply wonderful.

Does anyone really expect to fundamentally change their business fortunes by just reading, listening or watching. No - the answer is in you taking action - and whatever it takes to get you to take action is what is required.

I can read till the cows come home but it won't motivate me to take the massive action (and take the tough decisions) that the business requires...

So, can I really do this on my own?

Probably not. Who are your stabilisers?

Your turn...

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