Wednesday, 21 May 2008

What's so terrible about making money?"

Our correspondent 'very succesful brit entrepreneur' has pointed us to a rather good article by Luke Johnson in today's FT What’s so terrible about making money?.

And I quote Luke Johnson, "I remain convinced that many intelligent, ambitious individuals would adopt a self-employed way of life if they could strip away all the cultural bias and realise that building a venture can be a creative, even an heroic, endeavour. In truth, becoming an entrepreneur is a vocation, like fine art or quantum physics or teaching. But intellectual snobbery, prejudice and the comfort blanket of big organisations means business frequently fails to win the moral arguments."

Yes, a healthy antidote to what is seen as a pessimistic undercurrent in David Storey's article -
Professor David Storey in The FT.

Meanwhile, I am surprised that the Storey debate has caused such a stir while the Doug Richards Report (
Doug Richards Rips into Business Link) seems to have passed without comment.

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