Friday, 7 December 2007

Nutrichef Wins Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Nutrichef attended the Barclays Bright Marketing event in Poole last week; so we were delighted to hear of the news that Barrbara Cox, of Nutrichef has been awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year Award by local Chambers of Commerce...

"Nutrichef delivers delicious and healthy meals to customers across the South... to thousands of customers throughout Dorset, Hampshire, Surrey, Bath and Bristol.
Meals comprise 187 different ingredients (of which 70 are fruit and vegetables) across a 30-day plan. Customers range from athletes such as six-times British Mixed Martial Arts Champion Jeff Lawson to people who simply want to lose weight, eat more healthily and feel more energised. "

Barbara has grown the business using a classic 'expert' model approach if she did but know it...

Nutrichef spread the word with a promotional campaign on a local radio station and the controller was so impressed with Barbara’s engaging way of talking about nutrition that she was invited back as a guest every day for three weeks.

“Since then I’ve been a guest on four local radio stations, I’ve given talks to a wide range of audiences from school children to doctors, I’ve written articles for a national cancer awareness publication, I’ve written a health column for the Southern Daily Echo and I’ve been appointed team nutritionist by my local professional football club, AFC Bournemouth.”


Abbreviated Expert article

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