Thursday, 21 June 2007

The first blog - get rid of the scum

After much public demand, I have decided to start a blog so here goes.

One of my pet themes and obsessions is getting rid of the customers (and staff!) that I can only describe as pond life or scum - the ones that you hate working with and are a pain in the backside and are not raving fans or ambassadors... they take up loads of your time and you probably lose money by working with them.

And so, our Newsletter's Dare of the Month has had scary results...
The dare was to identify and sack 20% of your customers and staff, and the reaction has been awe-inspiring. We've had numerous 'confidential' comments from Newsletter readers who have taken on the challenge and they all report that they feel so much better for taking the action.

Do keep on sending in your feedback.


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