Thursday, 2 January 2014

Accountancy Age Interview with Robert Craven about...

Here's a podcast with Accountancy Age click here (24 minutes)

  • 75% of business owners say their accountant is crucial to the smooth running of their business
  • 1 in 3 admit that their accountant has had a direct influence on their growth
  • the role is changing
  • they need to offer less compliance and more advice
And over to the interview:

Some salient points:

  • The love/hate relationship clients have with accountants
  • What's wrong so often?
  • Are there few good ones?
  • How do you find a great one?
  • Too many rest on their laurels thinking it is enough to have a professional qualification and the long gone reputation of the profession
  • A business run by a business person is not the same as 'an accountant'
  • See things from the client's point of view - it is about how you look after me
  • It is not a battle for the product but a battle for the mind of the customer
  • Think through the customer experience from their point of view
  • Why should I bother to buy from you if you are the same as the competition?
  • Talk about hurts, benefits, afters - what does the client want? Benefits not features...
  • Are accountants equipped/qualified to be business advisors?
  • Most people go into accounting to do accounting (and not to do marketing and strategy)
  • Entrepreneurs have pre-conceptions about accountants
  • Accountants can be more guerrilla in your approach
  • Accountants must add real value
  • Why don't more people love their accountant?
  • How do you expect your accountant to work with you?
Boom! Boom!
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